The National Traction Engine Trust

Breakdown Recovery

In collaboration with PRP Rescue Limited and the AA, the NTET operates its Breakdown & Recovery Scheme. The scheme is open to all owners of steam propelled road going vehicles and owners of low loaders when used for hauling vintage vehicles.

The NTET works very hard to bring ‘added value’ schemes to its members and the Breakdown & Recovery Scheme is no exception. It is unique and is tailored to meet the specific requirements of those members who operate their vehicles on a limited, personal budget. Non-members are welcome to take advantage of the scheme but they will be charged the non-discounted rates, which are 50% higher than the published rates.

Who should join this scheme?

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you mainly transport your exhibit to venues using a low-loader or do you 'road' your steam propelled vehicle?
  • Have you ever wondered how you would deal with a roadside emergency when out with your vehicle?
  • Do you rely on favours to get your equipment home when problems prevent you from using your usual mode of transport?
  • As a low loader owner, have you ever wondered how you would meet the cost of recovery from a motorway?
  • Would you like to see the NTET doing more for you as a private owner of an engine or low loader?
  • Would you invest in a tailor made, low cost recovery scheme that gets your equipment home to your own front door?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then membership of this scheme is a must for YOU!

The potential costs of a breakdown

Usually, an individual can’t obtain the benefits of ‘group commercial vehicle recovery services’, even on a ‘Pay As You Go’ basis. You have to be in business or registered with a recognised trading organisation. So, if you don’t have access to recovery facilities then consider these facts:

  • Just to get a mechanic to your vehicle could cost £200 or more
  • £500-£700 might get you moved about 4 miles off a motorway
  • Attendance for a tyre repair, excluding the cost of the tyre, could cost between £100 and £250
  • A lift and tow up to 15 miles could set you back around £650 - £950
  • A lift and tow up to 400 miles round trip could set you back between £1,950 and £3,200
  • If the police insist on arranging a recovery for you when your vehicle is incapacitated then the sky’s the limit.
  • The NTET Breakdown & Recovery Scheme covers the cost of the above and much more.

By employing the customer and business expertise of PRP Rescue our members can be assured of prompt and friendly but efficient service. In addition, the costs incurred are to agreed and published scales.

Scope of the Scheme

To help keep the actual cost to members as low as possible the NTET has negotioated access to the recovery fund operated by PRP Rescue Limited. The fund is used to meet the cost of legitimate bills submitted by the AA's Large Vehicles Recovery scheme having repaired or recovered a broken down low loader or recovered a broken down steam propelled vehicle. Non-Members may join but will pay the full non-discounted rate which is 50% above the members' rate.

Owners of transporters or road going steam vehicles are invited to subscribe to this fund on an annual basis. They can opt for one of two levels of service: Gold or Silver

  • Gold Service provides full recovery of your vehicle from anywhere on the mainland UK to anywhere on the mainland UK - open to Low Loaders and to Steam vehicles
  • Silver Service will get your vehicle recovered to a ‘safe place’ of your choice, usually within a 25mile radius. - open to Low Loaders only
  • Trailers and equipment usually towed behind the steam vehicle can be included in the scheme at a small additional cost per item.

How the Scheme works

When a vehicle breaks down the driver uses a special telephone number to set into action the Breakdown & Recovery Services operated on behalf of the NTET by PRP Rescue Limited. This service is designed to meet specific requirements of the NTET.

Steam vehicles:
In the event of a Steam Propelled vehicle mechanically breaking down to the point of being immovable under its own power the Scheme will meet the cost of recovering of the vehicle, and any trailers which are included in the scheme.

Transportation of any attendants or crew members is at the discretion of the Agent affecting the recovery.

Immobility caused by poor quality coal or lack of coal, lack of water, an accident or a breach of the law will not be covered.
Other conditions apply, see application form for details.

Low Loaders and Transporters:
In the event of a low loader breaking down a fully equipped heavy vehicle ‘breakdown rescue’ van will normally attend in the first instance and attempt to get the vehicle going. It is reckoned that about 95% of all breakdowns are repaired by the highly trained crews of the ‘rescue’ vans. The Scheme will meet the cost of attendance of the ‘rescue’ van but will not pay for any materials used, e.g. fuel,oils, filters, tyres etc.

If the vehicle proves to be unrepairable at the roadside a heavy recovery vehicle is despatched to the site. The Scheme will pay for the recovery of the vehicle and its payload.

Immobility caused by an accident, failure of a roadside safety check or a breach of the law will not be covered.

Other conditions apply, see application form for details.

Cost of Scheme Membership

The NTET is very much aware of the effects of rising costs on the rebuilding, maintaining and exhibiting of vintage steam propelled vehicles. The annual membership fees of this scheme has been set at extremely attractive rates. These low, low rates cannot be obtained anywhere commercially outside of the NTET. The annual fee reflects the type of vehicle covered, Steam or Low Loader, and the level of service required, Gold or Silver.

The NTET is the first vintage steam related organisation to care for its members in this way. Given the very affordable cost of membership combined with the expertise of a prestigious Service Provider, on call 24hrs, a day can you really afford not to be in the scheme?

How to Join

Remember; the prices associated with this scheme as shown on the application forms are exclusive to members of the NTET, non-members must add 50%

Contact: to obtain further details from the NTET's Head of Technical Services, or download a Steam Vehicle or Goods Vehicle application form linked below.