The National Traction Engine Trust

Rally Authorisation

The NTET is an organisation granted authority under the Road Traffic Act (Off road events) Regulations of 1995 (SI 1995) as amended to authorise traction engine rallies and similar events.

Authorisation of Events and the NTET Code of Practice for Rally Organisers

Organisers of Traction Engine Rallies and similar events can, if they wish, apply for authorisation. By doing so they agree to comply with a Code of Practice produced by the NTET which is practical and a sensible way of maintaining administrative and organisation standards. Event venues, when open to the public, are deemed to be public places and as such are subject to the Road Traffic Act. When an event is 'authorised' offences such as careless and dangerous driving do not apply providing the Code of Practice is observed.

Other benefits of Authorisation include:

  • Nationwide advertising by the NTET
  • Training of Organisers and Safety Officers
  • Information and advice from experienced NTET members
  • Discounted Rally Insurance premiums

An additional part of the service provided to Authorised Events is a random visit by a member of the Rally Inspection team to offer advice if required and ensure compliance with the Rally Organisers Code of Practice.

Importantly the NTET Rally Organisers Code of Practice has been commended by the HSE as an authorative set of guielines which the organiser should apply to endeavour to run a safe and trouble free event.

The current Code of Practice is under review and being updated.