The National Traction Engine Trust


Arthur Napper Cup – Mark Johnson

Presented by Arther Napper, originally for engines at the Appleford Rally.  When Appleford rallies ceased Arthur agreed to it being awarded to engines and wagons operated and maintained to a high standard.

Mark’s superb Sentinel is a crowd pleaser wherever it appears, and he is a popular engineman throughout the area.

Curtis Bowl – Chris Arrowsmith

A small vase bowl originating from the Curtis family.  Often given for taking an engine on long and outstanding road journeys under steam

Chris has become well known with the late David Harding's speedy little Foster tractor "Ikanopit", travelling far and wide from their Klondyke Mill base and always under their own power.

Dacre Lacy Cup – Calder Brothers

Given by Alastair Dacre Lacy, an early chairman of the club, a member of the original committee and number one on the roll. Originally awarded for outstanding preservation renovation.

With the aid of the Statfold Barn team, Ian and Stuart have realised their late father Jim's dream and returned their unique Foden 3 tonner into wagon form, after many years as a tractor.

Choisy & Simpson Cup – Colin Brothwell

Choisy & Simpson were insurance brokers and a forerunner of Tennant Budd.  John Simson was a keen engine enthusiast. The cup was given for outstanding engine preservation but not necessarily confined to a specific engine.

Colin has for many years run his own Ruston & Hornsby agricultural as well as working on the restoration and repair of many other engines.

Golden Film Shield – Welland Valley Vintage Traction Club

Awarded for outstanding work in the full field of the traction engine movement. Often awarded to 'bodies' as opposed to individuals. Presented by Morris's of Shrewsbury – producers of Golden Film Lubrication oils

John Crawley Trophy – Chris Goodey

A fine large rose bowl believed to have been won by John Crawley's father in connection with motor cycling and given to the club by John for outstanding service to the club or hobby movement but not connected with engines.

As safety officer of the Little Casterton Working Weekend, Chris has worked tirelessly to keep this NTET authorised event safe and the leading event of its type in the country.

Edney Shield – David Smith

Purchased by the club in memory of the late E W Edney who was treasurer and often regarded as the 'saviour of the club’.  Usually awarded to persons who have given considerable personal service to the club.

David's long time commitment to the Trust has seen several milestones, most recently culminating in the Approved Water Extraction Scheme. How on earth will we replace him?

Percy Hirons Bowl – Vaughan Wray

Given by John Hirons to be presented to an agricultural engine, preferably one which was either in serious use or used in a proper demonstration

Vaughan's beautiful Ransomes agricultural engine is well known in the area and on local roads,

Baker Toc-H Cup – Dave Eves

On permanent loan from the Baker Transport family of Southampton. The largest trophy reserved for the 'big' engine owner whose standing and stature is countrywide.  Often but not necessarily the owner of a show engine.

The quality of work, untold skills involved are remarkable in the extreme, it is 100% a complete and genuine Engine. When Fowlers were constructing they had the benefit of a complete factory, large skilled work force and virtually unlimited facilities. In this case Dave Eves virtually single handedly has turned a dream into reality, teaching himself a multitude of skills and disciplins covering the whole spectrum of what were considered by some to be lost processes to enable its completion.

Jack Holloway Portables Fruit Bowl – James Coward

Awarded as the title suggests Jack Holloway felt the need to recognise this side of rally work and engine owning.

James' restoration of the former Ronald Clark 1883 Tuxford portable engine wins friends wherever it goes; and it is often to be seen working hard running a sawbench.

Connie Hutchens Memorial Trophy – Sharon Skinner

Purchased with subscriptions raised within the committee and 'inner circle' as a memorial to Connie Hutchens who had been the membership secretary in the early 1960s. The trophy is awarded annually to a lady within the movement.

Sharon has been a driving force behind the restoration and rallying of Northampton Council's Allchin roller.

Eric Middleton Trophy – Stuart Tomlinson and family

Given by enthusiasts on his death who assisted him at his Hartlebury home on his large collection of engines. Presented to the best restored steam exhibit , undertaken on very limited financial means and with the minimum of equipment.

Stuart and family have given their Fowler traction engine Elsa a new lease of life, returning this well known engine to the Midlands rallyfields to be enjoyed by a new generation.

Jack Holloway Cup – Nick Bosworth

Presented to someone who has given considerable service to the Trust.

Nick has been a key figure in the NTET and SAC for a number of years, always willing to go that extra mile.   In recent years he has been instrumental in the magnificent displays at GDSF etc. and provides support to all sections of the Trust.