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13 September at 17:55

Well well. That's two daily blogs in a week! Must surely be some kind of record, but at least they are not weeks apart anymore!

So what's been going on? Well we have both good and bad news. I'll start with the latter as it's always better to end on a high, so to speak.

Unfortunately over recent weeks and months our membership services team have got a little behind with renewals, new sign ups and enquiries which has resulted in a frustrating wait for some.

We have had a good look at what went wrong and although the blame can't be laid at any one factor be it individuals or systems we are confident that we are on a return to the normal service expected of us. We are also looking at ways to prevent such a situation arising again. We obviously apologise to all those affected. If anyone has any further concerns, we'd welcome your feedback via

Ending on a higher note, congratulations must go to the SAC Team for hitting 2000 Followers on Instagram recently. The National Traction Engine Trust Instagram is currently in hot pursuit!

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07 September at 16:44

It's always the same. You start off with good intentions, I'll do this, I'll write about that - then the reality of life kicks in and you find not only days have past, but also weeks since you last updated the blog!

Now in the grand scheme of things I willingly accept that the world won't stop turning just because the NTET hasn't commented for a while, but trust me when I say that there are some that get extremely annoyed at it still.

Personally I think the communication from within is vastly improved and as it comes in from the other direction it's gets passed around and hopefully answers are obtained.

Yes there is always room for improvement and we continue to strive towards it remembering of course we are all volunteers.

All that aside, hopefully 'In Steam Today' will become a far more regular offering to our members and non members alike.

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28 August at 23:23

While the Bank Holiday Weekend postings on the NTET Facebook Page have predominantly been all about Carfest and Onslow Park, rest assured there is still plenty to report from the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

We are absolutely delighted with how things went within the Marquee, and the team effort to pull off some of the things we accomplished over the five days of the show.

In the coming weeks and months we'll be flashing back to the 2017 event bringing you our highlights, competition winners and news related to some of the networking that went on before and during the event.

'The Team', would like to thank everyone that contributed, exhibited and visited us within the duration of the event.

Special thanks must go to Martin Oliver and the directors of the event for once again supporting us in our aims at their event.

2018 plans have already been discussed. Watch this space.......

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12 July at 19:02 


It's been another busy day today here at NTET HQ, mainly because your correspondent woke up and decided today would be a Wallis & Steevens kind of day and another Wallis Wednesday soon ensued.

From Panther to Pedler, 3 Tonner to Advance Roller we covered all the Basingstoke bases across Facebook, Instagram and hopefully by the time I finish work Twitter as well.

For those taking part in the private event in Herefordshire this weekend there is a special offer on NTET membership. Full details can be found in the Facebook Group set up by the organisers which you will have been invited to join or not.

The search for banner sponsors continues. For just £50 you can get a banner featuring a fantastic image on it, our logo and your logo which we'll take out and about and display for you. At just £50 you'll not only be helping support us, but you will be seen by many people to be supporting us.

As an organisation we'd dearly like to work closer with clubs, events and businesses. If you are reading this and have an idea, we'd happily listen. Drop an email to: and we'll see what can be done.

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10 July at 17:28 ·

Time for another In Steam Today, which is basically a round up of Trust activities, social media posts and other 'stuff'.

Firstly we would like to congratulate PK Smith on returning his beloved Aveling &a Porter Roller 'Sarah' back to Steam following a nasty accident a few years ago. It was great to see her out on the road again this weekend.

Elsewhere over the weekend the Steam Apprentice Club pop up was to be found at the excellent Rempstone Steam and Country Show where plenty of information was dished out, an interesting competition held and a rather different visitor to be found taking charge of Lady Sylvia. The activities were reflected across the three SAC channels, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Over on the Steam It Sunday page we ran a feature on your correspondents own Steam Roller, which generated quite a bit of interest. We will no doubt be doing something similar again soon.

Plenty of quality shares as well over the past few days across all three Facebook pages including a couple of Facebook Live videos from Rempstone and Woodcote.
The Communications and Commercial team have also had a very busy weekend and there will be plenty of news filtering through over the next few weeks, or even days!
'Steaming' has left the editors desk and has landed with our printers, as has 'Raising Steam' so those should be landing on members doormats in the not too distant future.
Finally, please remember you are meant to hug penguins, not put them in pies.

That wraps it up for now. In Steam Today will be back in a few days. Until then stay tuned for lots more fun and frolics.

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5 July at 22:22 ·

A very busy day today across the various NTET channels with posts from the Bon Accord Steam Engine Club, Southern Road Steam, Road Roller Association and the Great Dorset Steam Fair being shared not only on our main Facebook page but also on both Steam It Sunday and Steam Apprentice Club Pages.

Elsewhere on social media, we have been busy tweeting and posting on Instagram, with the SAC account generating a serious amount of likes.

We've been talking Banners again, and finishing touches are being added to the ones already in production and another potential sponsor stepping forward.
It isn't too late to get involved!

Also in the pipeline are a number of 'Bundles' which will provide great value and ideal gifts for any occasion.

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4 July at 17:07 ·

Today on Facebook the Nationals page has been celebrating American Independence Day, by featuring a good few pictures of American built engines. Whilst they may look vastly different from the engines built on this side of the Atlantic, other than the primary fuel source the principals are the same. There are of course quite a few examples to be found now in the U.K. and perhaps we should pay them more attention on a slightly more regular basis. Something we will look at for the future.

Over on the NTET Instagram we have also featured an American engine, taken a few years ago in South Wales and is well worth a look for those that use the service. As ever the Steam Apprentice Club Instagram feed continues to grow with the latest addition a lovely image of our very own ‘Lady Sylvia’ as seen at Elvaston Rally this past weekend.

Twitter wise the SAC are talking about ‘Story Time’ at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, whilst the NTET themselves are busy promoting an event North of the Border in October.
On our website we are pleased to have been able to add to our ‘shop’ the new title by our very own Chairman Anthony Coulls. ‘Traction Engines’, is available from us for just £8.99.

Elsewhere we have just submitted another article to Vintage Spirit Magazine, which should be included in the next issue (August 2017), so please look out for that when it hits the shelves in a few weeks time.

That concludes todays round up of activities. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days.

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