The National Traction Engine Trust

‘The Big Engine’ Has Arrived.

Marstons Road Services fleet No.177 – The Big Engine.

On the 20th of September 2016, artist Michael James Smith posted to the Traction Talk Forum a version of the image below of Fowler No.177 – the Big Engine.

It was understandably met with great enthusiasm and praise from many people, but it was also tinged with some sadness as Michael also said he had no desire to make it commercially available, due to the fact that he suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, a condition that he can control if he minimises any stress.

With this in mind, and also taking into account that so many people had shown appreciation and support for Michael the National Traction Engine Trust made an initial approach to see if, we could perhaps assist in making this wonderful piece of art available.

We were delighted when Michael agreed, and Lisa Crankshaw the Trusts Membership Secretary was appointed Project Manager to work alongside Michael.

It has taken a while to bring this project to market as we were mindful of any complications that could potentially arise, so it was done at a pace that allowed us to stop and take account of every step and the effects it may have had on all those involved.

We are now delighted to announce that the image featured below is now available in A2 size, exclusively through the National Traction Engine Trust.

To order a copy please send a cheque for £45 to:

‘The Big Engine’, PO Box 10348, Hinckley, LE10 9FB

You must include a postal address. Any further information can be gained from Lisa via (Please DO NOT contact Michael direct)

The print itself costs £40 and packaging £5. 

The National Traction Engine Trust makes no profit from this venture, as all monies raised after costs will go to aid Michael with his condition.

Our thanks go to all involved.

Image: © Michael James Smith 2017