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Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Adequate insurance is an essential but potentially expensive element of our hobby. Our Insurance Officer provides an important link between the Insurance Industry and the membership by locating and vetting high quality services and giving appropriate guidance on insurance matters.

Using the experience gained over a number of years, the NTET works closely with a number of specialist insurance brokers to ensure the suitability of prospective insurance policies for both vehicles and event insurance.
Insurance Considerations

Road going steam propelled vehicles:

A good ‘Steam Policy' not only insures the traction engine and its associated equipment against accidental damage, theft and damage against a third party up to the limits required by the NTET's Code of Practice, but can also provide cover for personal injuries and accidents to crew members.  It is worth checking specific policy requirements for easily removable components such as lamps.

Off Road and Laid up or restoration cover:

'Off road' or non-mobile insurance cover is ideal for stationary and portable engines, or for restoration projects.  Loss of tools, fittings and equipment can be included along with Third Party Liability cover.

Miniature and Models:

Policies are available which offer similar cover as for full size road steam.  Some brokers offer specific policies tailored to miniatures (sometimes including passenger liability), whilst others are variations on a standard full size engine policy.

Living Vans and Trailers:

These towed vehicles usually have third party insurance cover whilst attached to the insured towing vehicle. If insurance is required against damage, theft, loss of ancillary equipment, or contents, then a more comprehensive separate policy is often required.

Belt driven implements:

Machinery such as threshing drums, stone crushers, ploughs, saw benches and the like often need to be insured separately for third party working risks. Cover can include volunteers and/or unpaid helpers acting on behalf of the insured’s instructions.  The detail of policies available from brokers can vary.

Low Loader Insurance:

Broker policies provide for 3rd Party RTA cover or Fully Comprehensive cover.  Comprehensive cover can include vehicle and load recovery following an accident.  Alternatively the NTET Breakdown &

Recovery Scheme offers specific cover for low loaders and for engines breaking down on the road in steam themselves.

Events insurance:

Ensuring that visitors, exhibitors and staff attending a show or rally are adequately protected against loss or injury is a major concern of the NTET.  Accidents do however happen, and so the NTET strongly advises that adequate and robust personal accident and public liability insurance is purchased by the organisers.

Club Insurance:

Specialist club policies are available for those clubs who wish to have financial protection against damage to property and insurance against the legal liability for third parties or club members. In particular cover is available for Public and Products liability, Libel & Slander, Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability, Goods in Transit, Money, Business Interruption, and Material Damage.  Dependant on policy details, clubs which run small events may also include cover for these within their club insurance policy provided the broker is notified at the time the insurance is taken out.

Domestic insurance cover:

All of the Trust’s partner insurance brokers are also able to offer Private Car, Building, Building Contents and Domestic Insurance.

NTET Insurance Disc Scheme

The NTET own and operate an insurance disc scheme which is administered jointly by named Insurance Brokers acting as authorised Disc Issuing Agents.  In the process of issuing insurance, an agent will examine any supporting paperwork and when confirmed to be in order will issue an Insurance Disc which provides owners or keepers of road steam vehicles, portables and miniature engines with a convenient means of displaying the status of the insurances and boiler inspections for that particular engine.

The disc, which is the size of a road tax disc, can be displayed in a prominent position on the engine.  Whilst not a legal document, the ‘Disc’ is widely accepted by event organisers as an alternative to producing all the supporting certification.

To safe-guard the engine owner and the NTET as owner of the disc scheme from the consequences of a poor decision by an inspector, the NTET requires that all boiler reports come from organisations which carry Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance cover.  Corporate inspecting bodies self-insure, but independent inspecting bodies need to purchase this type of insurance separately and to prove they have done so the NTET requires continuous evidence to be lodged with the Insurance Officer.

Only those inspecting bodies who have lodged with the NTET proof of valid Professional Indemnity insurance cover will have NTET Insurance Discs issued against their boiler reports.

NTET Disc Issuing Agents

Today there are 3 insurance brokers whose policies are recognised as being compliant with the Trust’s requirements, and who collectively provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in the insurance industry in relation to all aspects of our hobby and also to domestic insurance. The three are:  Walker Midgley, James Campbell and Peter James Insurance, all are appointed as NTET Disc Issuing Agents.

If insurance is purchased from sources other than these issuing agents,  then in order to obtain a NTET Insurance Disc you must submit a copy of current Certificate of Motor Insurance,  Certificate of Boiler Explosion Insurance, and a valid set of Boiler Inspection Reports to the NTET Insurance Officer.   Often the liability insurance against pressure vessel failure (aka.  Boiler Explosion Cover) is combined with the Motor Insurance policy.  However if this is not specifically spelt out on the certificate then confirmation needs to be provided from the insurance provider,  a covering letter/email from the insurer confirming such cover is included is sufficient.

For further details about the NTET Insurance Disc Scheme contact:

Ian Cooper
14 Millmead
Sutton Road



Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers

Extract from their Website:  "Walker Midgley are independent insurance brokers, based in the centre of Sheffield, dealing in commercial and personal insurances.

Walker Midgley specialise in Modellers, Model Engineers, Veteran & Vintage Machinery and Tractors and Steam Powered Vehicles both Miniature and Full Size. For more information and to download an application form, please click on the Speciality Schemes link.

As independent brokers they are able to advise on a complete range of insurance products for our clients both business and personal"

Walker Midgley supplies the following products

  • Road going steam propelled vehicles
  • Off Road and Laid up or restoration cover
  • Living Vans and Trailers
  • Belt driven implements
  • Models and Miniatures
  • Low Loader insurance
  • Domestic Insurance

We are pleased to acknowledge that Walker Midgley provides a sales commission to the Trust for insurance purchased by Trust members.

Contact details: Walker Midgley Website

Postal Address: Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers Ltd,
Suite 6D
The Balance
2 Pinfold Street
South Yorkshire
S1 2GU

Tel: 0114 250 2770
Fax: 0114 250 2777

Tollgate Private Clients

Independent specialist vintage vehicle insurer with 30 years’ experience of providing cover for road steam.

Having recently acquired JAMES CAMPBELL INSURANCE, Tollgate have extended their product range offering to not only include specialist steam products but also to look after all of the insurance needs of their clients. This can include vintage, classic and cherished vehicles as well as historic motorsport, family fleets and home insurance.

Tollgate Private Clients supplies the following products:


Road going steam propelled vehicles

Off Road and Laid up or restoration cover

Living Vans and Trailers

Belt driven implements

Models and Miniatures

Domestic insurance


Postal Address:

Tollgate Private Clients,

Tollgate House, 96 Market Place,



RM1 3ER,

Peter James Insurance

Extract from their website: "The directors of Peter James Insurance have some 30 years experience of the Specialist Vehicle Insurance Market and in that time, have started and built two of the largest Specialist Vehicle Insurance Accounts in Europe if not the World.

Our success has been built on their ability to innovate and develop such products as Agreed Value, Limited Mileage and Multi-Vehicle Policies including such features as Breakdown Recovery and Motor Legal Expenses as standard.

Our relationship with the Specialist Vehicle Clubs has been and will continue to be a "Key" feature of our on going development.  We support the clubs by providing both discounted terms and financial input – so be sure to detail your club membership when obtaining a quotation.

Going forward it is our intention to build on our previous achievement and to provide Insurance the way it should be!"

Peter James Insurance supplies the following products:

  • Road going steam propelled vehicles
  • Off Road and Laid up or restoration cover
  • Living Vans and Trailers
  • Belt driven implements
  • Models and Miniatures
  • Low Loader insurance
  • Domestic and Commercial Insurance

We are pleased to acknowledge that Peter James Insurance provides a sales commission to the Trust for insurance purchased by Trust members.

Contact details: Peter James Insurance Website

Postal Address:  Peter James Insurance 

772 Hagley Road West


West Midlands

B68 0PJ

Tel: 0121 506 6040

Fax: 0845 2233 020