The National Traction Engine Trust

This years list of award winners at the Aberdeen Annual Generasl Meeting read as follows:

Arthur Napper Cup – Presented by Arther Napper, originally for engines at the Appleford Rally.  When Appleford rallies ceased Arthur agreed to it being awarded to engines and wagons operated and maintained to a high standard

Citation:  A physically small item presented by a man of great stature and high respect.  We all know that size is not everything and that it’s the thought that counts.  Awarded for the high standard and attention to detail given on his many preservation projects

Recipient:  Mike Dreelan

Curtis Bowl – A small vase bowl originating from the Curtis family.  Often given for taking an engine on long and outstanding road journeys under steam

Citation: Awarded for roading, single handed everywhere!! Andin particular for undertaking long journeys under own Steam in his W & S Advance Roller

Recipient:  David Lees

Dacre Lacy Cup – Given by Alastair Dacre Lacy, an early chairman of the club, a member of the original committee and number one on the roll. Originally awarded for outstanding preservation renovation.

Citation: Restoration of Engines and Ancillary Period Equipment including A&P TE ‘Wizard’, A&P RR ‘Dauntless’, Burrell RL ‘Semper Fidelis’, Sentinel Waggon, Living Van, Tar Boiler, Traction Waggons, Thrashing Mill etc

Recipient:  Alfred Cheyne Jnr

Choisy & Simpson Cup – Choisy & Simpson were insurance brokers and a forerunner of Tennant Budd.  John Simson was a keen engine enthusiast. The cup was given for outstanding engine preservation but not necessarily confined to a specific engine.

Citation:  Continuing Preservation with large collection of Local / Scottish Engines

Recipient:  William Barrack & Family

Golden Film Shield – Awarded for outstanding work in the full field of the traction engine movement. Often awarded to 'bodies' as opposed to individuals. Presented by Morris's of Shrewsbury – producers of Golden Film Lubrication oils

Citation:  Awarded in recognition of over 40 years promoting Steam in North East Scotland

Recipient:  Bon Accord Steam Engine Club

John Crawley Trophy – A fine large rose bowl believed to have been won by John Crawley's father in connection with motor cycling and given to the club by John for outstanding service to the club or hobby movement but not connected with engines.

Citation:  Continuing Preservation of Oldest Scottish Built Sentinel Steam Waggon and also Engagement of Schools & Educational Groups on Steam

Recipient:  Grampian Transport Museum

Edney Shield – Purchased by the club in memory of the late E W Edney who was treasurer and often regarded as the 'saviour of the club’.  Usually awarded to persons who have given considerable personal service to the club.

Citation: Ladies and Gentlemen, the presenting of this award truly marks the end of an era.  Over the past 10 years this man and wife team have devoted countless hours of their time and travelled many 100’s of miles to ensure that the General Council, NTET members, guests and visitors to the NTET’s AGM are well catered for, properly entertained and most of all enjoy themselves.  This year is their swan song, but the standards they have set will endure.  It is with many thanks and much respect that the award is made to

Recipient:  Anthony and Wendy Thompson

Jack Holloway Trophy – Presented to someone who has given considerable service to the Trust.

Citation:  The recipient of this award stepped up to the mark when an important role was suddenly vacated.  In the past year they have made the role their own and have given unstintingly of their time and has travelled long distances to represent the Trust at many events

Recipient:  Kathy Smith – NTET Sales Officer

Percy Hirons Bowl – Given by John Hirons to be presented to an agricultural engine, preferably one which was either in serious use or used in a proper demonstration

Citation: Extensive demonstrations and use of Agricultural Engines Fowler BB1 Ploughing Engines & Tackle - BB1 Pair recently reunited by repatriation of X1 from Canada

Recipient: Andrew Cook & Sons

Baker Toc-H Cup – On permanent loan from the Baker Transport family of Southampton. The largest trophy reserved for the 'big' engine owner whose standing and stature is countrywide.  Often but not necessarily the owner of a show engine.

Citation:  Owner of a Large Showman’s Engine - Burrell Scenic Dolphin

Recipient:  Mike Dreelan

Jack Holloway Portables Fruit Bowl – Awarded as the title suggests Jack Holloway felt the need to recognise this side of rally work and engine owning.

Citation: Presented for the restoration and presentation of their Marshall Portable

Recipient:   Kearton Family of Boldron

12. Connie Hutchens Memorial Trophy – Purchased with subscriptions raised within the committee and 'inner circle' as a memorial to Connie Hutchens who had been the membership secretary in the early 1960s. The trophy is awarded annually to a lady within the movement.

Citation: This award is being made to someone who really needs no introduction in these parts.  This lady is the Secretary to the Bon-Accord Steam Club and a tireless worker in all aspects of Club Work

Recipient:  Jill Standing

Eric Middleton Trophy – given by enthusiasts on his death who assisted him at his Hartlebury home on his large collection of engines.
Presented to the best restored steam exhibit , undertaken on very limited financial means and with the minimum of equipment

Citation:  Awarded for the restoration of their B2 Tasker Tractor

Recipient:  Messrs G & J Low

29 Nov 2015