The National Traction Engine Trust

By now members should be receiving their free copy of 60 Years of the National Traction Engine Trust.


This excellent 80 page publication tells the story of the past 60 years of the National Traction Engine Club and the National Traction Engine Trust. It starts with the famous race at Appleford in 1950 and moves on to the foundation of the NTEC in July 1954 which includes a complete list of the first members.. As many members will be aware the club almost ceased to exist in 1958 when it ran into serious financial difficulties but was saved bythe donation of a traction engine which was then raffled at 5 shillings a ticket.

An interesting notice appeared, As from 1st january 1959 it will be a condition that before any engine can be accepted to take part in any Rally organised or sponsored by the National Traction Engine Club it will be necessary to submit a Current Boiler Certificate with the Rally entry forms. After inspection the certificate will be immediately returned to the owner.. How times change!

Significant events from each decade are picked out such as the Hirst sale in 1971 and the Paisley sale in 1980. Were you there? Insurance discs were introduced and many other changes to the way we use our engines all form part of this interesting compilation.

Many of the articles remind us of some of the great characters of our hobby such as Arthur Napper, Steve Neville, Jack Wharton, John Crawley and Graham Love. 

Who can remember Expo Steam at Battersea Park and the name of the first 100 engine rally?

We must thank Kevin Mills for producing such a magnificent little book which is not only a history of our club but a chronicle of our great hobby!!

14 Oct 2014