The National Traction Engine Trust

Further contact with Bob Main has now established the engine is a Fowler Z1 number 5873 which with 5872 left the Steam Plough Works on 3rd July 1889. They were shipped to F W Powell and arrived in Albany, Western Australia just over three months later. Once the engines were assembled they went to Mr Powell's  Eastwood Estate  just 7 miles from Albany. In 1890 the pair of engines were moved to Mr Powell's Martinup Estate on Pallinup River. Both of these estates were very large giving a total acreage of 30,000 acres. One can assume there was plenty of work for the two engines!

Modifications were carried out to the engine over time. The photograph of the crankshaft clearly shows the drive to the winding drum has been removed and the earlier photograph (see news 10th October 2010) has some curious rear wheels.

05 Nov 2010