The National Traction Engine Trust

We had no idea!

No seriously we didn’t have a clue as to how the first ‘Steam It Sunday’ would go. It was to be honest just a test, let’s put the idea forward and see what happens.

We were blown away!

Engines up and down the UK were being lit as the sun broke on a beautiful early Autumn morning and social media suddenly came alive, with the hash tag #steamitsunday. Slowly at first, but in much the same way an engines comes to live – things gradually picked up and it seemed that many hundreds of owners and crew, families and friends were up, running and enjoying the day.

A fantastic effort by all, and we extent our thanks to everyone who made the day so special. It made no difference if you were a Trust supporter, member or hater (we only know of one engine owner who made it clear they were in steam but not for the Steam It Sunday event), or whatever. Everyone just got on with it, totally off the cuff, unorganised and just for fun!

Just what the foundations of the hobby are all about.

October 01st 2017, will see us do it all over again…….. we can’t wait!


05 Oct 2016