The National Traction Engine Trust

We have to confess to a degree of frustration and trepidation with regard to this project. You will recall the enthusiasm with which the MD of Aquam, helped devise the principles of the scheme and how he encouraged us to start the Calm Network Training before 2017 started. He wanted as many as possible of our members to take up the CNT in order that Aquam to demonstrate to the water utilities the large number of trained itinerant users.

We must remember that out Authorised Water Extraction Scheme was to ride on the back of Aquams success in negotiating their own deal with the water utilities to undertake the maintenance of their networks infrastructure. Our scheme was always going to be a bonus.
You can imagine our disappointment when we were asked by the Director responsible for negotiating with utilities to 'back off'. Our enthusiasm had reached the ears of the remaining utilities with whom negotiations had not been concluded and were asking 'what’s this about a free water scheme'. It was considered that quite rightly the cart was before the horse and was in danger of messing up negotiations.

Due to a long spell of illness on the Aquam team things stood still for a long time, however at the end of March we will contacted and told that the batten will once again be picked up on our behalf in the very near future. It does mean that we have to resubmit all emails and paperwork - but we are pleased to say there is at last some movement!

The National Traction Engine Trust is aware that our communications to those that have signed up for the CNT side of things has been less than perfect, but as we are sure you'll appreciate, negotiations at times have been delicate. We are now back on the right road and will bring news on this scheme as and when we have it, both good and bad.


18 May 2017