The National Traction Engine Trust

Aveling & Porter ploughing engine 6817 was  a class ZTD, the final development of their ploughing engine which came in 1908. This type of engine was similar to the earlier PC8 but had outside valves and a different arrangement for changing the road gears. A third bearing was added to the crankshaft to avoid flexing. Boiler pressure was increased to 200 psi with compound cylinders of 7 inches and 11.5 inches with a 12 inch stroke.

6817 was supplied with 6818 to George le Grys of Heveingham, Suffolk in 1909. In 1919 they were sold by auction to Smith's of Spalding. By 1943 they were in the ownership of J K Gandy of Thurlby, south Lincolnshire and were in use until the early 1950's. needless to say, they were cut up for scrap.

A former driver of one of these engines claimed they were better than a Fowler BB1!!

I'm sure many owners of BB1's would disagree but sadly there are no longer any ZTD's in operation with which to make a comparison.

26 Jul 2012