The National Traction Engine Trust

The Government has announced proposals to ban the use of tyres which are aged 10 years and older. It has issued a consultation document which sets out its objectives and includes a number of options for which it is seeking opinions.  It is proposing to exempt vehicles which meet the 'historic interest' criteria which currently does not include vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

Pnuematic tyres are fitted to some types of steam wagons, all of which are over 3.5 tonnes and therefore do not meet the vehicle of historic interest critera. In particular tyres on Sentinel Wagons are a special size and have to be imported at considerable expense, mainly from the USA and therefore the cost of implementing the new proposals could be a costly exercise.

When the Goverments proposals for Roadworthiness testing were introduced we were successful in having steam vehicles over 3.5 tonnes exempted by claiming Category 26 'Any steam propelled vehicle' on the DVLA's form V112G. 

The NTET has asked the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs if it will support the NTET in asking the DfT that the same Category 26 exemption be applied to steam vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in relation to its proposals to ban tyres aged 10 years and older.


See the attachement for more details of DfT's proposals.



02 Jul 2019