The National Traction Engine Trust

With the winter maintenance programme well underway, engine owners will now be planning their annual boiler inspections, and for some it may be a time to select a new boiler inspector. To help those who find themselves in this position, it may be helpful to take a look at the Insurance Services web page to view the list of independent boiler inspectors who have lodged evidence of their Professional Indemnity insurance with the Trust. This list does not attempt to prove the competence or otherwise of the inspector but purely shows those with PI insurance. The Trust believes this type of insurance is essential to safeguard the engine owner should an incident occur resulting from a fault with the boiler which could have been prevented at the inspection stage which leads to injury of persons or property. Without Professional Indemnity insurance cover the engine owner could become liable for a claim if their insurer considered the fault was due to poor advice or inspection procedure.
Since it is the responsibility of the engine owner to appoint a competent person to inspect the boiler in their care, then in turn it is in their own interest to ensure all necessary safeguards are in place to protect themselves. This is where the Trust tries to help by keeping an up to date register of PI insurance which is easily accessible.
It should also be remembered that the corporate inspecting bodies are included in this listing as they are insurance underwriters in their own right and so are self insurers. This would include the likes of Royal Sun Alliance, Allianz, Haughton Engineering, Zurich, Bureau Veritas, SGS UK Ltd all of whom are involved with heritage steam.
For those who wish to use the NTET Insurance Disc scheme, then only inspection reports from inspectors on this list will be accepted. This is to safeguard the Trust in the same way as for the engine owner since it is issuing a device which confirms all the supporting documentation is in-order.

11 Jan 2012