The National Traction Engine Trust

The annual driver training course is a great opportunity open to all members and their families. If you are not a member, then why not take out a subscription so you can enjoy this chance to drive a full size traction engine.

If you would like the experience of driving a traction engine, learn about boiler management and how to prepare an engine for a day's steaming then this is the ideal way to gain this knowledge. The course is offered at four levels:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Experienced

The first three levels are a mixture of lectures on engine management, engine components and driving experience. The fourth level concentrates on driving on the road..

This is not just an opportunity to drive a traction engine but also a very enjoyable social occasion.

The courses have been running for many years and those running them have a wealth of knowledge and experience which they can communicate to everyone who attends. 

The annual Driver and Training Course which will be held at Astwood Bank, Redditch on the 12th and 13th May 2012.

The course costs £180 but there is a 15% discount for those paying for two years at the same time. There are scholarships and bursaries for a few people - more details later and also reduced fees for members of the Steam Apprentice Club but they must be over 13 years of age.

If you would like to purchase a gift voucher or require more information please contact the organiser, Joe Black at

or write to him at Coach House Cottage, Clints, Marske, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL11 7LY

Now how do you get that special someone to read this and get you the gift voucher?

17 Oct 2011