The National Traction Engine Trust

With the National Traction Engine Trust now utilising a number of differing platforms on which to communicate with both members and non members we are looking at ways we can bring more regional news to the thousands that explore our routes of communication on a weekly basis.

We are well aware that we are a National body, but we are keen to keep hold of a grass roots foundation and with this in mind we would like to offer some of our established channels to local, regional and other national organisations to use. Obviously we can't do everything and we are not seeking to influence what other organisations see fit to say and do, but we would like to establish much better links with as many clubs etc as we can in the next few months as we get to the end of the 2015 event season.

With this in mind we invite any organisation, club or event to keep us up to date with all your happenings and news. Ideally a copy of your Newsletter, Club Magazine or Journal would suit best, as these can be used in the construction of stories and news items for use here on this website and our social media outlets. All organisations submitting material will get coverage at some point and obviously all material would be credited to the author/photographer/editor in question. You need not be 'affiliated' or authorised' to be included.

Would you like to know more?

Simply email us here for more information.

10 Jul 2015