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Robert Herring our Chairman, sends a photo of Clayton & Shuttleworth 36792. No details are given but it appears to be an 5nhp single cylinder engine dating from around 1904.

The engine is owned by the Machinery Preservation Club of Western Australia and is located at the Midland Railway Workshops in Perth. The engine was obtained for the MPC some years ago by Bert Tyler. Since then the engine has been restored by members of the MPC and recently steamed for the first time. It has been named Bert after Bert Tyler.


Left to Right: Ralph Thomas (MPC),Robert Herring (NTET Chairman), Mick Platts (Boiler Inspector), Peter Dymond (MPC President), with Clayton & Shuttleworth 36792.

An update from Robert Herring:

On a recent visit to Australia Robert Herring was invited to meet members of the WA Preservation Group. The meeting took place at their premises located just North of Perth at Midland, located in an ex railway works building with excellent facilities, including overhead cranes and large floor areas, allowing members to work on their equipment. This also provided them with the opportunity to display a large collection of some unique and rare stationary engines and steam driven equipment.

The occasion was also an opportunity to exchange views on the maintenance, upkeep and repair of steam engines as defined within current regulations. A copy of the NTET's Engine Owner's Code of Practice was provided for those present, all agreed the Trust was to be complimented on creating what was felt an excellent and worthwhile document, later comments were that they could see the benefits that would come from producing a similar document.

Present at the meeting was Iain Rennie the resident adviser from Work Safe, the Australian Governments  equivalent to our own HSE, he explained the difficulties that arose with the present system where the Government provides the guide lines but then it is left to interpretation by the various States, this is then compounded by the views of local organisations.
Mick Platts the local independent boiler inspector explained his work within the commercial sector and his involvement inspecting preserved equipment. As an enthusiast he had first hand experience of some of the difficulties encountered.

Robert was then given a conducted tour of the premises by Peter Dymond club President,time was taken to view their Clayton and Shuttleworth 5nhp engine "Bert". There was some uncertainty over it's serial number but is thought to be 36792, it has been the subject of a complete strip down and major overhaul which has benefitted from a Government lottery grant

An interesting meeting which gave everyone present the opportunity to try and understand how preserved equipment and particularly pressure vessels were being dealt with in both countries, it also created the opportunity for closer cooperation and further discussion and an exchange of views in the future.

Robert Herring Chairman

Perhaps a better view of the restored Clayton & Shuttleworth.

30 Dec 2012