The National Traction Engine Trust

Smaller manoeuvring area for LGV, PCV and B+E tests introduced from 26 March

From Monday 26 March the size of the manoeuvring area for the ‘S’ shaped reverse exercise in large goods vehicle (LGV), passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) and car and trailer or caravan (B+E) practical tests is being reduced.

The new manoeuvring area measures 66m x 11m, compared to the previous 92m x 18m.

The change will mean:

    it will be easier for trainers to become ‘customer sites’ and host tests on their own premises
    DSA will be able to make more tests available at its existing test centres
    it will be cheaper and easier for DSA to develop new centres

Trials have shown that the smaller area:

    requires the same level of skill and judgement
    does not make the test harder
    maintains the integrity of the test

This only affects the ‘S’ shaped reverse exercise; other parts of the test are unchanged.

22 Mar 2012