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These new rules mean that vehicles which are designed to carry weight must carry weight when a driver is tested.

The rules affect drivers of cars requiring a towing licence and drivers of commercial vehicles – rigid/articulated


The Driving Standards Agency is introducing a real total mass requirement for vehicles used for driving tests from 30 September 2013.

This means that vehicles must carry a minimum weight in order to be used for the driving test.

Your test will be cancelled and you can lose your fee if your vehicle doesn’t meet the rules.


The new rules will affect vehicles in the categories in the table below.

Vehicle category                            Vehicle description

C                                                       Rigid lorry

C+E                                                  Articulated lorry

Trailers affected

The rules will also affect vehicle trailers used in the categories in the table below.

Vehicle category                          Vehicle description

B+E                                                Car and trailer

C1+E                                             Medium sized goods vehicle and trailer

C+E                                               Large lorry and trailer

D1+E                                             Minibus and trailer

D+E                                               Bus or coach and trailer


From 30 September 2013 vehicles used in these categories of tests must have a load as shown in the table.

The load is shown for bagged sand or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

Vehicle category       Vehicle or Trailer              Minimum real weight                                       Minimum load requirement

B+E                               Trailer                                 800Kg                                                                  600Kg of sand or a 1000 litre IBC

C                                    Vehicle                               10,000Kg                                                             5 x 1,000 litre IBCs

C1+E                            Trailer                                 800Kg                                                                  600 kg of sand or a 1,000 litre IBC

C+E                             Towing lorry and trailer    10,000 kg for lorry and 5,000 kg for trailer     5 x 1,000 litre IBCs (lorry) and 3 x 1,000 litre IBCs (trailer)

C+E                              Combination                    15,000 kg                                                              8 x 1,000 litre IBCs

D1+E                            Trailer                                 800 kg                                                                   600 kg of sand or a 1,000 litre IBC

D+E                               Trailer                                800 kg                                                                   600 kg of sand or a 1,000 litre IBC


09 Mar 2013