The National Traction Engine Trust

Anyone restoring a traction engine from a derelict or near derelict state should  be aware the DVLA operate an excellent scheme using the Form V765. This allows a vehicle and its lost registration to be reclaimed or in other circumstances, an age related registration to be obtained. This is a very important final step after long years of hard restoration work.

The NTET is one of a number of bodies accredited by the DVLA  to authenticate the registration claim for these restored vehicles. For the past four years, Derek Rayner, a very experienced preservationist who serves as Authenticating Officer for the Road Roller Association has  kindly filled this post for the NTET, liaising with the DVLA.

The Trust is now  reviewing how we develop our authentication procedures and relationship with the DVLA. Derek has now relinquished the role as Authentication Officer for the NTET. The Trust via our Chairman, Robert Herring, has  thanked him for his most valuable contribution. We have a new prospective Authentication Officer and the Trust is working with him to refine our procedures. Reclaiming lost or age related registrations  is necessarily a complex  business  requiring supporting reasearch and documentation.

18 Oct 2011