The National Traction Engine Trust

The Government is proposing to exempt vehicles of historic interest (vehicles manufactured prior to 1 January 1960) from statutory MoT test, as allowed under Article 4(2) of the EU Directive 2009/40/EC, and bring the age of vehicles requiring the statutory MoT test in line with The Goods Vehicles (Plating and Testing) Regulations 1988.

The FBHVC is inviting all vintage and historic vehicle enthusiasts to participate in its survey regarding the proposed changes to MOT Testing requirements.  The deadline for responses to the DfT is the 26th January 2012; the FBHVC will base its response on the results of the Survey.

The FBHVC survey can be undertaken anonymously and can be reached via:

Please note that the survey asks that some answers given are qualified by making a free form text entry.

The NTET would also advise those members who feel inclined to respond directly to the Governments consultation document which can be found at:

There are various explanatory documents in pdf format and the response document which is in RTF (word processing) format.

The consultation offers four options:

0 To make no changes;
1 To exempt all pre-1960 vehicles (the DfT’s preferred choice);
2 To exempt all pre-1945 vehicles;
3 To exempt only pre-1920 vehicles.

The DfT’s preferred choice, option 1, which takes maximum advantage of the exemption allowed under the EU Directive, and goes wider than the options that have been mentioned in discussions.

Footnote:As far as can be ascertained the proposals make no direct reference to steam powered vehicles however, vehicles in commercial use may be affected.

19 Dec 2011