The National Traction Engine Trust

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

The following link explains exemptions to CPC ( ).  It is quite a detailed document and could appear contradictory to the casual eye but if you scroll down to the following heading you will to see how ‘hobby drivers’ are exempted:

Non-commercial carriage of passengers or goods for personal use

You don’t need to have Driver CPC if you’re driving vehicles carrying goods, materials or passengers on a non-commercial basis (including your own personal use). ‘Non-commercial’ generally means that what you’re doing isn’t intended to generate a profit.

Driver A
Driver A is an LGV driver who has hired a self-drive LGV to move home. They don’t need Driver CPC for this activity because they’re transporting their own goods for personal use.

Driver B
Driver B is an LGV owner operator. They transport a friend’s new boat from the manufacturer to a holiday home on the coast. They do this as a favour and don’t charge a fee. They don’t need Driver CPC to do this because they’re using the vehicle for the non-commercial carriage of goods. They would need to satisfy any enforcement staff that their journey was non-commercial if they were stopped.

14 Nov 2013