The National Traction Engine Trust

The National Traction Engine Trust has been approached by the Department Of Transport (DfT) who are asking, should they put up a case to the EU for derogation from the current driving hours regulations insofar as they affect drivers of vehicles over 7.5tonne driving non-commercial loads to non-commercial events.

Although the request is directly addressed to the NTET, the question and subsequent answers obviously apply to a wide range of people within the preservation movement. It is therefore felt the best option and method of gaining accurate data to return to the DfT would be to open a 'Survey Monkey' to both members and non members, as all are considered and clarified by the DfT and NTET as equal parts of the 'steam fraternity'

We have prepared a brief online questionnaire using Survey Monkey in which we invite everyone with an active interest in the implications of any future outcome to have their say.






11 Mar 2015