The National Traction Engine Trust

Throughout East Anglia the name of Malcolm Bloomfield of Debenham is associated with Garrett 4CD tractors.

Malcolm served his apprenticeship at Leiston and later operated a repair business. He specialised in the repair of Garrett 4 Cd tractors. Over the years he purchased  a large number of these tractors with some retained for contract work and hire with others converted for local showmen. The large quantities of spares which were retained long after the demise of steam enabled many people to complete the restoration of a Garrett 4CD tractor.

The wooden blocks which have been inserted under the belly tank in preparation for the removal of the rear wheel look precarious especially on the uneven ground of the works yard. If the ashpan had been removed it would have been very easy to have placed the packing underneath the foundation ring.

13 Jul 2012