The National Traction Engine Trust

 A Report of the Open Forum held at the Great Dorset Steam on Friday 30th August 2013

The meeting commenced at 6.30pm.Attendance estimated at 60 plus

Chairman welcomed all to the meeting before announcing that he had accepted the resignation of John Durling from all his offices within the Trust. Elaine Massey will succeed him as Chairman of the Steam Apprentice Club, and Andrew Semple will take over the administration of the Voluntary Competency schemes, all with immediate effect.Chairman concluded his statement by saying if any lesson is too be learnt from this, it is not acceptable to drink and drive on a rally field.

The floor was then opened up to those present. The major topic for discussion was brought about by incidents that continue to be reported involving boiler inspector hopping, quality of boiler inspections and inconsistence’s in working pressures. Bob Garnett spoke on the process of reporting such incidents. Several members questioned Bob's remarks, including Robin Daniels, Paul Worbey, Elaine Massey, David Smith, Dave Knott and several more. The discussions centered around the involvement of the HSE and PSSR2000 and how those regulations apply to a rally field, if  determining whether it is work or a hobby activity. Bob outlined the mechanism in place for reporting incidents. The view from the floor was this was ineffective.  Neither the NTET nor the Association of Independent Boiler Inspectors have a structure in place to address the problems.

The suggestion that there should be a central data bank of engine inspection reports was questioned if it would comply with data protection and freedom of information. The majority view was this should be given proper consideration but should not hinder such a scheme being provided.Richard Hurley proposed that the Trust should introduce a central data bank of inspection reports. Those reports would have a written condition on them in which the engine owner and inspector agree to the information being centrally stored with limited and specified access. An engine receiving a stop notice will have its disc withdrawn until such time as proof positive is furnished of necessary works being completed. The scheme would be devised in conjunction with, and have the full support of the Association of Independent Boiler Inspectors.

Chairman asked the meeting if they would support such a motion at this years AGM. On a show of hands there appeared to be unanimous support.

A brief mention was made of the 60th Anniversary Road Run

Chairman brought the meeting to a close at 7.30pm thanking everyone for their attendance. 

02 Sep 2013