The National Traction Engine Trust

In recent months we have been aware of an ongoing conflict between one of the General Council members, Mr Bob Allison and several National Traction Engine Trust members over the changes made to Mr Allisons Fowler No.8889

In recent days and weeks this has culminated in some very unpleasant debate on Social Media and the Discussion Board, ‘Traction Talk’. During said debate, and those previous it has been implied that the General Council and the National Traction Engine Trust as a body have failed to adhere to the members wishes and refuses to remove Mr Allison from his position on the General Council. It should be noted at this point that Mr Allison was elected to the General Council at the 2011 AGM despite a speech opposing him as a candidate.

The matter was discussed at length during the October meeting and again on December 13th  where Mr Allison provided the General Council with full details of the work which he has done on his engine. After discussion it was agreed that he will be granted leave of absence from the General Council, until the next National Traction Engine Trust AGM.

It was agreed that the report on the changes made to his engine should appear in the National Traction Engine Trust’s magazine ‘Steaming’ . This will explain in detail the changes made and will give the wider membership the whole picture so that they may decide for themselves.

The  Council also agreed unanimously that,  because of some of the changes which shall be taking place in the structure of the Trust, all Council members will stand individually for election or re-election at the next AGM , and then the membership can then decide who serves them.

14 Dec 2015