The National Traction Engine Trust

Fifteen members attended.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer circulated the Summary of Budget and Actual Income Sheet for the year ending 31st March 2010 and explained the figures in detail. After much discussion the report was unanimously accepted by the committee. The Chairman commented that the report justified raising the subscription to £30.


  • A question had been raised about the need to inform DVLA about converting a roller to a tractor. Enquiries reveal this is not necessary.
  • A letter has been received from the Steam Car Club of Great Britain asking why they were still not being accepted as an Affiliated Group together with a number of accusations. The Secretary is to send a letter pointing out the SCCGB has not read the documentation correctly and that their accusations are false.


The NTET's 15 page Submission to the DVLA in Support of the Retention of Category B Licence Exemptions as Applied to Historic Road Going Steam Propelled Vehicles was presented and discussed. DVLA do not have to formally reply until January 2011 although an earlier response will be sought.

Review Panel

The aims of the Review Panel were explained and it was explained that progress so far had been slow. Focus groups representing different aspects of our hobby have been formed. A questionnaire is being prepared for all members which will be distributed with the next issue of Steaming.

Heritage Grants

The NTET will provide funding up to £500 from a £2,000 fund to promote individuals or groups of individuals to learn more about the various disciplines associated with road steam by contributing towards the costs of attending courses and other ways of furthering their knowledge. Applicants do not have to be members of the NTET. The scheme was discussed and approved. It will be operated by a group of five and advertisements will be placed in appropriate magazines.

It was also suggested that places on the NTET Driving Course be awarded to non-engine owning members of the SAC. This matter is to be investigated further.

2014 Road Run

Discussion of various venues and types of run were discussed.

Engine Owners

It was reported the Association of Independent Boiler Inspectors spring meeting had been successful. To assist their administration costs, it was agreed to offer match funding of up £1,000


A long discussion followed further information about an engine which a boiler inspector has described as 'unsafe' but continues to be in service. Further information is being sought from the engine owner and if no satisfactory response is given then the insurance disc will be withdrawn, the insurers informed and authorised events notified of the actions taken.


The revamped website is expected to be up and running in about a month.

21 Jun 2010