The National Traction Engine Trust

The report is based on the draft minutes of the meeting held on 21st March 2010. Present were the chairman and 26 council members and observers.

It was agreed a report of the meeting should be placed on the website.

Membership Leaflet
The leaflet is almost finished and should be available from early May.

A letter is to be sent out to lapsed members to find why they have not renewed.

Steam Car Club of GB
Concern was expressed that the Steam Car Club are claiming affiliation to the Trust when this was withdrawn at the end of 2009.

Treasurer's Report
The low bank interest rate, a fall in membership and increased operating costs will cause the Trust to operate at a loss. A long discussion followed. The suggestion of a reduction in the size of ‘Steaming' as a cost cutting exercise was rejected. Finally, it was agreed to accept the recommendation of the Executive to increase the cost of subscription by £5.

Changes to Driving Licence Exemptions
A report was given of the meeting with DVLA about the proposed withdrawal of exemptions. As requested, a written answer to DVLA's six key questions is being prepared for submission.

Review Group
A list of focus groups has been drawn up and questionnaires are being prepared for distribution.

A review of insurance provision is currently being conducted.

The Trust is assisting with the organisation of the McLaren feature which it is hoped will include 46 engines with some coming from New Zealand. The display will be inside and around the Trust's marquee. The Trust will host a reception for all McLaren owners.

Road Run 2014
There was strong support for the plan but as yet no venue has been chosen. The previous event cost £12,000 and unease was expressed about how this event might be financed.

David Collidge's company is to be asked to update and improve the website. This work will be carried out over the next six weeks.

Succession Management
Concern was expressed that there is danger of a number of officers and section heads retiring at the same time.

Subscriptions rose to £10 on 1st January 2010

Training Weekend
Plans are well advanced but there are still vacancies.

Rally Section v100,000 copies of the rally list have been produced with copies going to 768 tourist information offices.

Aveling & Porter Book
The eagerly awaited book by Michael Lane and published by the Trust should be available at GDSF.

Photograph Competition
It was suggested a competition should be held with entries displayed at GDSF.

26 Mar 2010