The National Traction Engine Trust

The report is based on the draft minutes of the meeting held on 13th June 2011. Present were the chairman and 18 council members and observers.


Treasurer’s Report

The March 2010 budgets showed a projected deficit for the year. However, a reduction in operating costs and increased income from book sales and increased insurance commissions has resulted in a healthy surplus. The surplus of just over £35,000 has been allocated to various funds:

·         Education

·         Exhibition Unit Replacement

·         Legal

·         Publishing

·         Website


The residue is to be added to the General Fund.


Photo Competition

Up to £1000 has been allocated with a trophy provided by the Cook family in memory of John Cook.


Giles Romanes

It was confirmed that the Trust is a beneficiary of a Discretionary Settlement Trust set up by Giles so that ‘Goliath’ can be used for educational purposes.


Review Update

The Trust’s solicitor has been consulted and he recommends that a trading company should not be formed because of the small size of the Trust and the risks to charitable status. The Council then voted not to form a trading company.

A  re-organisation was proposed and adopted that will allow form nearly all of the recommendations made by the review group to be implemented in the fullness of time. Briefly:

·         Membership Secretary to be included with the Treasurer’s office

·         Commercial Section handling the exhibition unit, GDSF, website, insurances and publishing

·         Communications Section to include ‘Steaming’, leaflets and the website.

Paul Cook was elected as Head of the Commercial Section and John Paulson was elected as Head of the Communications Section.



Roger West’s successor will be Roger Mills with both editing the autum edition of the magazine. Printing will go out to tender for 2012.


The Steam Plough Works Reprint

A Pdf file has been created but a reprint of Michael lane’s book will be produced at a later date.



Hamish Orr-Ewing wishes to stand down and new patrons are being considered.


Registration of Miniatures

Guidance has been requested. To obtain an age related registration the DVLA should be contacted with traceable documentation and a completed form B55/5. DVLA may request to inspect the engine.


Engine Owner’s Report

The recent driver/training course had been a success with a further one planned for 12th-13th May 2012.

Lyndon Shearman will be the facilitator for the Association of Independent Boiler Inspectors meetings.


Technical Services Report

A seminar conducted by the Federation of Heritage Steam Association was attended, The topics covered included legislation, the ‘new generation’ and emissions.

Efforts are being made to gain steam representation with FIVA.

Emily Drury and Sue Doncaster have undertaken the job of producing a series of 'Fact Sheets' which will provide information relating to frequently asked questions.


Rally Organiser’s Report

High safety standards at rallies had been monitored. It will be suggested that spill kits should be kept near fuel stores.

The Rally Organiser’s Conference will be held on Saturday 15th October 2011 at Kilsby.

23 Jun 2011