The National Traction Engine Trust

General Council Report

The report is based on the draft minutes of the meeting held on 16th October 2011. Present were the chairman plus 27 council members and observers.

Treasurer’s Report

                 1.    Budget sheets will be circulated in November and should be returned by 21st January 2012

                 2.    Membership 2317. It was decided that an exit poll be conducted when people do not renew their membership.

Authentication Officer

                 1.    The Authentication Officer (AO) had written what was agreed to be an abusive letter to DVLA on NTET headed notepaper. There had been no prior consultation with the chairman or council members.

                 2.    The letter and related correspondence had been circulated before the meeting. It was agreed the AO had gone outside his remit.

                 3.    There was a long discussion about the accusations made in the letter and the legal implications for the NTET.

                 4.    It was proposed the AO should be removed from his position. The motion was carried by 16 for, 1 against and 3 abstentions.


1.     The motion for the meeting does not request any action but is perhaps, a vote of no confidence in the council.

2.     It was agreed any addendum to the Aveling & Porter book must be acceptable to the author. It was also agreed the Trust will publish a corrigenda in conjunction with the author as soon as is practicable.

3.     Section heads were reminded to present their reports at the meeting.

4.     Proposals for honorary membership were received and presentations will be made at the meeting.

Steam Apprentice Club

1.    The SAC would like to purchase a model engine for demonstration purposes.

2.    Concern was expressed that some issues had not been considered. A business plan would be required before approval can be given.

Engine Owner’s Section

1.    Driving Course 12th – 13th May 2012. Four scholarships are to be offered to members who are not connected with an engine owning family.

2.     The Association of Independent Boiler Inspectors is considering a Code of Practice.

3.     No offers for organising the 2014 Road Run have been received and the deadline for submissions has been extended.

4.     Engine Owner’s Conference 22nd January 2012.

5.     A cut-off date for the Voluntary Certificate of Competence is to be considered.

6.     Information has been received about engine drivers being under the influence of drink.

Technical Services

1.     The Events Industry Forum is producing its own version of the ‘Purple Guide’.

2.     Progress is being made with online membership applications and sales.

3.     An affiliated club has drawn attention to a steam car working at 30% above normal working pressure in a hill climb. It was agreed event organisers should be made aware of their responsibilities.

4.     A council member has offered to take over the work of the AO.

Rally Organiser’s Section

1.    The steam display at Silverstone was successful

2.    90 representatives attended the recent Rally Safety Conference.

3.    It was suggested the benefits of authorisation should be emphasised to the organisers of non-authorised events.

Communications Section

1.     Thanks were expressed to Roger West for his excellent work over the past 32 years as editor of Steaming.

2.     The next edition of Steaming will be produced by a new printer.

3.     It was suggested the website should carry rally adverts.

Commercial Section

1.     A request was made for members to help man the Sales Unit.

2.     Ideas for the Trust’s marquee at the 2012 GDSF are welcomed.

27 Oct 2011