The National Traction Engine Trust

Report of the General Council Meeting held on 8th December 2013

The report is based on the draft minutes. Present were the chairman and 26 council members and officers. There were eight apologies for absence.

The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting including the two newly elected members: Anthony Coulls and John Gilbert.

Treasurer’s Report
• The projected surplus for the year is estimated at £15,000.
• It was agreed to donate £5,000 to BESTT.
• Membership is currently 2240 with 640 SAC members.

• A collection of documents relating the formation of the NTEC and early rallies has been accepted.
• It was agreed to donate £250 to the Fosters of Lincoln Memorial Fund.
• The Secretary is to respond to Alan porter’s letter of complaint about ‘Steaming’.
• An offer by Diane Carney for a book to celebrate the 60th Anniversary was rejected as this could be produced by members.
• A letter has been received from the organisers of the Welland Rally. A reply has been sent identifying the requirements of authorisation.

• The editor has reported a shortage of material for publication.
• A sub committee was formed to make proposals about the future format of ‘Steaming’.

Succession Management
• Stuart Gray was elected as head of the Commercial Section.
• The Membership Secretary wishes to retire at the end of June 2014. The position is to be advertised.
• It was agreed Jeff Shackell should be co-opted to the council.
• The proposals by Messrs Hurley, Seddon and Black have been withdrawn but it was agreed they have produced positive thinking and created a number of new options. They were thanked for their work.
• The Operational Manual is to be up-dated.

AGM Motion
• A draft of the updated disc insurance scheme was presented.
• Further presentations are to be made at the January Engine Owner’s meeting and the March Rally Organiser’s meeting.
• The Trust must not take on the role of arbitrators.
• Emphasis is to be placed on consultation with all stakeholders.
• The head of TSU was thanked for his work.

Exhibition Unit
• It was agreed that the exterior of the unit should be re-painted and/or ‘wrapped’.
• Quotations for the work are to be considered at the next meeting.

01 Jan 2014