The National Traction Engine Trust

29 members attended.

The Chairman welcomed new members to the council.


Treasurer’s Report

  1. Budget sheets have been distributed to budget holders
  2. New GC members are required to become trustees and sign a form for the Charity Commission. This will now include all GC members.
  3. A request for reduced subscription for membership was rejected as it was agreed a tiered membership is inappropriate.
  4. It was confirmed that income received from authorised events covered the costs of inspections.


Membership Section

The election of a new head of the membership section was postponed until the next meeting.



The report had not been circulated to members so discussion was postponed until the next meeting.


Road Run 2014

It is hoped a plan will be drawn up shortly.


Engines Visiting the UK

The procedure for visiting engines was discussed.

Concern was expressed at the lack of safety information required for the London to Brighton veteran Car Run. A letter is to be sent on behalf of an affiliated club regarding ‘duty of care’ and the need for a safety declaration from steam car entrants.


Photographic Competition

It has been agreed a competition will be held with entries displayed at the GDSF.



Concern was expressed at the sharp fall in membership. A meeting is to be held in early March to investigate ways of reinvigorating the club.


Engine Owners

  1. It was reported that the meeting of the independent boiler inspectors have agreed a Code of Professional Conduct. It is apparent some engine owners do not understand the need for record keeping and how to present an engine for inspection.
  2. An update of the Code of Practice is being prepared.
  3. Concern has been expressed about irresponsible driving and how the Trust might deal with this. A leaflet for new engine owners is to be produced.


Technical Services

  1. The insurance disc has been re-designed.
  2. A member who works for a water company is to investigate how to overcome the problems associated with the use of hydrants.


Rally Section

  1. Silverstone Classic has asked for help in staging a steam section at their July event. Help is to be offered as this is good publicity for the Trust.
  2. New inspectors are required for authorised events.


Any Other Business

  1. Absence of GC members is to be discussed at the next meeting.
  2. The introductory leaflet about traction engines will be available in the New Year.
  3. Ideas for new patrons are still required.
  4. Applications for lost registrations have encountered difficulties. The matter is being investigated.

20 Jan 2011