The National Traction Engine Trust

On May 25th, 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) becomes law; it is a substantial strengthening of the old Data Protection Act which becomes redundant.

The main features of GDPR is the promotion of fairness in the disclosure and use of the personal data that is held, access to that data by the person it refers to, the subject, the ability of the subject to withdraw consent to the information being held and tighter security in the storing and transfer of personal information.

The NTET is working to ensure that it will be fully complaint by 25th May.

GDPR requires an organisation such as the NTET to notify the Information Commissioners Office of the nature of the data it holds, why it holds it and for how long and who has access to it.  GDPR also requires the NTET to advise its existing members individually about the personal information it holds on them via a Policy Statement.  This statement will require all existing members to respond stating whether or not they wish data to be held and used in the manner described. It will be part of the joining process that new members will be advised of the data being held and will have the option to opt out.  Opting out in either case will present us with considerable difficulties but that cannot be used as a reason not to allow someone to become a member.  We are urgently working towards devising and issuing the Policy Statement.

In the meantime members should be assured that the NTET takes very seriously its obligations under GDPR and in any case will never sell or give away any information it holds for any of its Members, Patrons, Officers or Associates.  It will solely use that information to provide membership services and to meet its charitable objectives and obligations.


19 Mar 2018