The National Traction Engine Trust

If a member uses his low-loader in connection with any trade or business carried out by him then he will need an operator’s licence.  Alternatively if he uses the low-loader for hire or reward, then again he will need an operator’s licence.  If neither of these conditions is being met then the member does not require an operator’s licence.

A recent case has highlighted the wide definition of ‘hire and reward’ but the following example may help to clarify the meaning.  “In a 1984 case, a garage proprietor who used a converted bus only for the purpose of transporting a stock car to race meetings where it competed for modest prizes was acquitted of using the bus without an operator’s licence for goods vehicles. Neither competing for prize money nor the receipt of money from sponsorship was sufficient to constitute a connection with trade or business for the purposes of the section.”

 The Trust would be pleased to hear from any other members who are currently experiencing problems in this matter.

01 Dec 2010