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Can anyone help Catriona?

I am hoping a reader, or two, may be able to help us with the following please – •

We have recently discovered a partial photo of the living van that belongs with the HMS Sultan Super Sentinel Waggon from the 1970’s, and the living van was lined, however, the picture we have does not show the design clearly. It appears there was a fancy design at the corners as well as the lining in each panel, so we are hoping that someone may have a good copy of the design so that the volunteers can try to replicate this please.

Also, I am a novice learning traditional sign writing to enable me to help with the upkeep of the Sultan Sentinel Waggon and other Steam Traction engines, and would like to appeal to anyone who may have a copy of a book by B Hearn (Bertie Hearn?) called The Art of Sign Writing from 1953/4 that they no longer have use of that I could have please, as it has a lot of useful information for a novice such as myself.

Catriona can be contacted at

10 Jun 2013