The National Traction Engine Trust

At a recent court case in Exeter when a circus was fined a £1000 for each of 3 offences plus court costs for contravening the Water Industry Act 1991, section 174 after using an unauthorised standpipe to access the water supply via hydrants without the permission of the water company. The Court noted the seriousness of the offences committed and the real risk of contaminating the public water supply. South West Water stated that unauthorised use of standpipes could result in a fine of up to £3000 for each incident. In order to assist all customers holding outdoor events, South West Water has set up a special stand pipe hire service with Jewsons.
Further enquiries made by David Smith, the head of the Technival services Unit,  have revealed that this scheme only applies to South West Water. Another water company, Wessex Water, hires out standpipes directly.
The Trust is continuing to pursue the water companies to see if we can get a universal agreement for the use of standpipes by our members

10 Mar 2013