The National Traction Engine Trust

From the 11th - 13th November 2016, the NTET PR team are at large once more. This time at the NEC for the Lancaster Classic Car show, the team are please to announce that the exhibits featured for display at the event are the Len & Jane Crane's magnificent Burrell Showman's road locomotive "Endurance" and Tim Bowman's fantastic Aveling & Porter Steam Roller "Angelina".

The Lancaster Classic Car show in itself this year has an event theme being Heroes and Heroines due to the event falling on Remembrance weekend. As part of this, the NTET are aiming for the 1950s style rally scene, paying respects to those who aided in the founding of the steam rally scene and also the club itself. There will be a fantastic photo display of the early Appleford races kindly provided to the Trust for display by Jeffrey Shackell & family. Featuring of course images of the races of the late Arthur Napper, Miles Chetwynd Stapleton & of course, the late Dr Giles Romanes.

As many of you will know, some engines in the 1950s were entering preservation, whilst some were still hard at work, earning a crust, this is exactly the feature we present to the show, "Angelina" will be presented in an "as working" style, whilst "Endurance" is to represent the future of what has become our beloved hobby.

In addition to this, once again, Thomas Fields Pattinson will be bringing his 4" Savage Little Samson to represent those miniatures within the scene, which have featured since the very early years of our hobby and formation, and Tom Sanders will be bringing along with Vintage Austin Seven. The Seven itself presents and interest in its own right, having a history of being involved in both the steam fraternity for a number of years and having a motorsport cross over having been previous owned by F1 team owner Colin Crabb who owned for a brief time, Foden 13762. In addition to this, to show that some of our members can go above 5mph, we also have a couple of character displays featuring their own mix of motorsport and the steam movement.

Please use the discount code in Steaming and head to the NEC to see & support us"

02 Nov 2016