The National Traction Engine Trust

There is much to interest owners of road steam vehicles in the latest newsletter from the FBHVC.

Perhaps one of the most relevant is how changes to tax discs that affect the buying and selling of engines. If you are thinking of buying or selling an engine in the next few months, please take time to read this extract from the newsletter.


Discontinuance of the Tax Disc
I advised in the last edition of our concerns with the arrangements proposed to enable the UK dispense with tax discs. We have now heard from DVLA, who are not convinced of the validity of these concerns. The DVLA website contains a section dealing with what they propose to do in October.

This issue goes well beyond historic vehicles. To remind everyone, our particular worry is that when a vehicle is sold the licence will have to be surrendered by the seller and a new licence obtained by the purchaser. This is to apply even where the vehicle is VED exempt. A major flaw is that the point of time of the change is to be when DVLA receives the V5C, something which neither seller nor buyer will know precisely. No one has explained how buyers and sellers are supposed to deal with vehicle insurance in this case, nor how buyers will know when or how they can apply for tax when the records will show another keeper.

We have not pointed out, but it is the case, that someone selling a vehicle privately can hardly give up the licence before sale, because to do so without the vehicle being regarded as ready for scrapping, he or she would have to do a SORN declaration. This would prevent the buyer from having a trial run or taking the vehicle away.

As DVLA had not responded to us at the time of our last meeting with the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group, and so we raised this with the Group. They were conscious of the fact that the effect of what we had raised extends well outside our historic vehicle interests and they promised to ask that the matter be looked into.

DVLA latest response says they are setting up an on-line method of advising of the sale, which would clearly help with the issue of uncertainty. It is not yet clear to us how the proposal would deal with the three-way match involved in signing off Section 8 of the V5C. We will continue to look into this and take it up directly with DVLA.

22 Aug 2014