The National Traction Engine Trust

News has just been received from Bill Bell  that Luton's Aveling & Porter 6-Ton Tandem Roller 6530 is in need of urgent repairs. Tandem rollers are something of a rarity!

The roller was originally purchased by Luton Council in 1908 as that time the town was having trams installed. A tandem roller being of the appropriate width it could easily roll the road surface between the tram lines.

After a chequered history in preservation the roller is now owned by Luton Museum Service and is maintained by a group of volunteers led by Dennis Goodyear at the Stockwood Discovery Centre. The roller takes part in community events and attends local traction engine rallies the most recent of which was at Old Warden Park in September of last year.

The roller now needs a replacement firebox and other boiler repairs if it is to continue in a steamable condition. Luton Culture is setting up a fund to raise the necessary £30,000 so the roller can once again take to the roads and rally fields of the area. If you can help with either a large or small donation to this important project please contact Bill Bell at:

03 Mar 2012