The National Traction Engine Trust

Our Membership Secretary has put together a couple of short surveys regarding NTET Membership. There are 2, one for members and one for non members which we invite you to participate in.

None of the questions are "loaded", they are the result of things that have either read on here or been asked directly. Some of the questions are similar to some of the comments that have been made in the past or elsewhere, to which we have already recieved a number of replies.

Please can we ask that where there are comments boxes that you use these in a consice, polite and helpful manner. You do not have to leave any contact details if you don't want to (we don't even ask for your name). But if you do, they will only be used to contact you regarding the comments or questions you have made.

Survey for NTET members

Survey for non-members

We very much look forward to your feedback.

(02/03/15 - This survey has now closed, many thanks for your participation - The results will be published soon)

20 Feb 2015