The National Traction Engine Trust

Miniature Traction Engine Owners and the National Traction Engine Trust

As miniature traction engines get bigger it is clear that many are no longer models, but are indeed small traction engines.

The National Traction Engine Trust has decided that the owners of miniature engines form a part of the Trust’s area of interest , and that they are not only very welcome as members , as they have always been , but that they can now be assured that the NTET includes , considers and represents, their interests in all that it does .

Thus the Trust from now on shall endeavour to include the interests and problems of the owners of miniatures in its representations to, and dealings with, the authorities and the media and event organisers. The Trust will likewise provide written guidance for miniature owners where it feels that this would be useful, and will encourage the provision of training in the management and driving of miniature engines. The insurance disc scheme and representation to the insurance industry will likewise continue and will include the owners of miniature engines.

The Trust will recruit a representative miniature owner to their Engine Owners’ Committee. However, if any additional services special to miniature owners are wanted from the Trust, then it will be necessary that volunteers (with the necessary expertise) from the ranks of the miniature owners come forward

The NTET does not discriminate against small engines, and their owners are fully included in the Trusts interests and activities. They are very welcome to come and join, enjoy, and contribute to, the activities and services of the Trust.

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19 Apr 2013