The National Traction Engine Trust

The National Traction Engine Trust is delighted to be able to announce that Jo Hurley has been named as the new General Secretary to the organisation.

Jo has kindly provided some background information to go along with her appointment:

"I grew up going to steam rallies as the family had stationary engines and vintage tractors.  I met my husband at a rally held at Manby in Lincolnshire and we were married in 1992.   David was part of the crew on a Marshall S Type roller owned by Mr Peter Wood of Old Sawley, Notts.   I started to get involved, making tea, cleaning brass, learning the ropes little by little and engines have been very much part of our lives ever since.   Following the sad loss of Peter in 2007, the roller came into our ownership.   By this time we had also purchased a Marshall portable.   As somebody born a few 100 yards from the Marshall works in Gainsborough, I am happy with the theme!"

"We carried out some major repairs to our engine 2008-2011 and I was very much hands on.   I have done my share of crouching in the fire box, expanding tubes.   I am usually found as steersman but lighting up, early morning, just me and the engine is one of my favourite times.   Our children have grown up around the engine, Rebecca is on the committee of the SAC and William attends a specialist engineering college.   Both are very much involved with our engine and the wider scene."

"Steam engines have provided us with fabulous friends and many great family moments over the years.   I hope I can do something through this role to support the hobby to move forward into the future"

In welcoming Jo to the General and Executive Councils of the Trust we would also like to thank all those who expressed an interest in the position and of course to Jeffrery Shackell who was the filled the role admirably previously.

01 Feb 2016