The National Traction Engine Trust

Sunday 24th of January saw the National Traction Engine Trust hold a 'Engine Owners, Drivers & Crew' Meeting at Kilsby Village Hall, an occasion that was deemed a great success by those that attended.

As you would expect NTET Chairman Anthony Coulls was on hand and gave us his thoughts on the day: 

“The Engine Owners’ Meeting is one of those rare occurrences where all with an interest in operating engines of all types can get together – whether they are owners or crews, members or non-members, everyone is welcome. Sunday’s meeting saw the hall packed to capacity and a number of presentations and discussions which were of benefit to all, either to give an idea of how things might be done or even just to reassure folks that we have the interests of the road steam world in all its facets at heart. Particularly useful were the presentations on loading and restraining engines and visibility on the road"

Our thanks to all those that participated.

All images: Nick Bosworth

25 Jan 2016