The National Traction Engine Trust

A number of members have received letters from the administrators of the Motor Industry Database (MID) advising them that there are no records of their vehicle being insured on the database. 

From enquiries made to Walker Midgley it would appear that on 1st April 2014, the official date of the steam related policy transfers from Footman James to Walker Midgley, the records on the MID originally raised by Footman James were erased from the MID!  Consequently when the MID cross checks with DVLA or there is an enquiry from the Number Plate Recognition  System the vehicle appears as on the road but un-insured.

The Trust is in contact with Footman James and Walker Midgeley to find out how this has happened, as there are a number of worried members out there.  Yesterday, Martyn Raybould at Footman James advised the Trust that their  policies which are current are legally valid until their renewal date expires.  

Hopefully, this matter will be speedily sorted out but if any member still has concerns, it is suggested they contact their insurer.


23 Jun 2014