The National Traction Engine Trust

Below is a precis of items from the Events Industry Forum which might be of interest to rally organisers. It seems likely the Olympics will have an impact on steam events particularly in areas such as the provision of toilets which may be in short supply over the period of the Games.

Daylight Hours

Michael Hirst, Business Visits & Events Partnership, raised the issue of Daylight hours and said that all three political parties have now agreed in principle to a three year trial which would keep the UK on the same time zone as the rest of Europe.

Impact of Olympics on Established Events

Jim Winship, EIF Secretary, reported that the EIF had raised concerns about the Olympics at a meeting with the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and this had been well received. DCMS officials reported that others, including their Minister, was also complaining about lack of communication from the organisers.

The two key issues raised by EIF were:

* Lack of information about the events being planned around the Olympics and the potential impact these could have on established events in the same area.
* Lack of communication with the supply sector over requirements or understanding of the risks of shortages of supply in some areas that could impact on established events.

EIF agreed to provide DCMS with information on the key events planned over the Olympic period (mid 2011 - mid 2012 in particular) and DCMS will seek to make the organisers aware of these. They will also encourage Olympic organisers to communicate more with the established industry.

23 Mar 2010