The National Traction Engine Trust

Report of the General Council Meeting 10th March 2013

The report is based on the draft minutes. Present were the Chairman and 19 Council members and Officers.

The Chairman welcomed Ian Cooper, the new Insurance Officer and Julia Old representing owners of miniature engines.

Matters Arising from the Minutes
• A large majority voted in favour of the Draft Executive Minutes being included on the agenda of every GC meeting.
• The meeting voted to appoint Mike Dyson as Head of Communications.

Treasurer’s Report
The budgeted profit and loss account for the year ending 31st March 2014 was presented and discussed.

A report about membership was presented by Andrew Semple. After lengthy discussion it was resolved that:
• A Yearbook will be produced for members in 2014.
• A positive welcome will be made to all miniature engine owners and a miniature engine owner is to be appointed to the EO Section.
• An approach to ‘Old Glory’ is to be made to seek reduced subscription rates for SAC members.

Information Sheets
• A number are complete and will be available later this year.
• There is to be a new edition of ‘A Brief Introduction to Traction Engines’.

Road Run
• Maximum numbers for catering will be 1000
• Entry forms will be available in September via the website, in ‘Steaming’ and at GDSF.
• Selection of engines with set criteria to be made after applications close.
• Paul Cook has agreed to help find sponsors.
• It is hoped the handbook/programme will be on sale from June 2014.

SAC Report
• Two venues have withdrawn from the driving days scheme.
• It was proposed and agreed that SAC members over the age of 18 should receive a free copy of ‘Steaming’.
• A Certificate of Achievement is to be presented to all SAC members when they reach the age of 21.
• SAC members when they reach 21 and up to 25 shall be eligible for membership of the Trust at a reduction of 50% off the normal rate.

EO Report
• Attempts are still being made to obtain a universal agreement with the water industry on the use of standpipes.
• Two scholarships have been awarded for the Driving Course.
• It was agreed the fees for the Driving Course should be increased from 2014 with discounts for SAC members.
• It was agreed that instead of providing scholarships for the Driving Course the budget should be used for providing additional discounts for SAC members.
• The Competency Scheme Assessors have agreed to continue both elements of the scheme for another year.

TSU Report
• Now possible to pay for subscriptions online.
• Malcolm Harbour is to be asked for assistance in obtaining a single licence for multiple users of standpipes.

RO Report
Additional Safety Seminars have been held.

• There have been reports of rivet failures on railway locomotives.
• It was proposed and agreed that a promotional video should be made of the Driving Course.

23 Mar 2013