The National Traction Engine Trust

General Council Meeting 11th December 2011

The report is based on the draft minutes of the meeting held on 11th December 2011. Present were the chairman plus 21 council members and observers.

Matters Arising
• Insurance benefits for members of affiliated clubs to be discussed at the next meeting.
• There will be an annual meeting to review the need for any necessary repairs and the general upkeep of the Giles Romanes engine to ensure it continues to be maintained to its current high standards.
• A meeting is planned with the NRM to view the John Crawley book collection.

Treasurer’s Report
• The Treasurer was unable to attend because of illness.
• Membership 2144, 79 not yet renewed and 140 require reminders.
• A leaflet Get a New Member is to be included in the next Steaming.

• A letter from Derek Rayner requesting an official agreement not to publish his material submitted to Steaming was agreed as unnecessary.
• It was further agreed, a letter of thanks is to be sent to Derek for his contribution to Steaming over many years.
• A letter from Hamish Orr-Ewing thanked the Trust for awarding him Honorary Membership which also commended the chairman for his handling of the recent AGM.

• Further to the defeat of the motion, the chairman has since spoken to Michael Lane who requires proof of any errors. It was agreed the Trust is in the hands of Michael but wishes to offer help and support. The meeting was advised the NTET as publisher has done more than would be expected.

Information Leaflets

  • A list of topics has been prepared. Leaflets will be available on the sales unit and on the website.


  • Website editor to monitor TT and respond where appropriate on the website.
  • The website editor receives and responds to individual enquiries.
  • News and FAQ's are placed on the website by the editor.
  • The webmaster carries out technical work on the website.
  • It was agreed to spend £500 on new software for the website.

• The printing costs of Steaming can be reduced by a small change in page size.
• There is a need for a greater number of contributors to Steaming.

• A number of prominent people are to be approached who might support the work of the Trust.

• A business plan was presented for the purchase of a Burrell 4 inch model kit. A plan for sponsorship and fund raising was also presented. The model will take three years or more to complete. After much discussion it was agreed to underwrite the project up to £5,000. NTET insurance will cover the use of workshops.

Engine Owners
• 22nd January 2012 meeting with the competency scheme to be discussed. The meeting to be free to non-members but charges to be discussed at the next meeting.
• Driving Course 12th-13th May 2012
• AIBI plan to become part of the Bureau of Engineering Surveyors.
• After discussion it was agreed to accept the plan for the Road Run at Old Warden.

Technical Services
• The Trust has been invited to join BESTT. It appears to offer little benefit to the Trust but contact will be maintained.

Rally Organisers
• 67 applicants for authorisation but with more expected before the deadline for inclusion in the rally list. Fees for 2012 are to be £100 plus VAT. The rally list is to be printed by Best of British. It was agreed rally information should be ‘copyright of the NTET’.
• Authorisation and affiliation to be discussed at the next meeting.

• Website hits are to be monitored by section.
• Paypal is to be used on the website for membership subscriptions and sales – soon.

• Volunteers are required for the sales unit.

• Contacts for the pattern register are required.
• It was noted restrictions for ‘white roads’ may be introduced.

25 Jan 2012