The National Traction Engine Trust

Report of the General Council Meeting 11th March 2012

The report is based on the draft minutes of the meeting held on 11th March 2012. Present were the chairman plus 29 council members and observers.

Treasurers Report
• Projected small surplus for the current year.
• Mileage allowance to be increased to reflect increased fuel costs
• Possibility Trustees will be contacted

• A request for help from a miniature engine owner. Head of EO to discuss the matter.
• Further correspondence has been received from Derek Rayner with letters circulated prior to the meeting. The Trust’s solicitors have been consulted and a reply is to be sent.

John Crawley Collection
An archive belonging to the late John Crawley has been offered to the Trust. After much discussion it was unanimously agreed not to purchase the collection.

A History of Thomas Green
A book by John Pease will be considered for publication when further information is available.

• SAC Burrell model project to be launched at GDSF.
• New leaflets: ‘2012 Rally List’ and ‘Get a Member’ are now available.
• Recruitment of new members at GDSF. Suggested a commission to be paid to recruiters.
• Benefits to members. Suggested special reduced admission rates could be negotiated for GDSF.
• It was agreed a comprehensive membership strategy is required. A working party of 10 members has been established.

Candidates for Vice President
Roger West was suggested and further nominations are to be sent to the chairman.

A letter of invitation is to be sent to Michael Forsyth.

EO Report
• Driving  course almost full
• 56 attended the EO conference in January
• Part 3 of the EO Code of Practice has been completed

Technical Services Report
• A licence for group use of water hydrants is impossible. It may be feasible for big rally organisers to arrange a licence for local exhibitors.
• Sue Cook was thanked for operating the new membership system.
• V765 applications to be sent to David Smith.
• The Trust is to be consulted by the Department for Transport about exemptions for an MOT certificate.

RO Report
• 2012 Rally List published
• Reduction in authorised events from 114 in 2011 to 98 this year.
• Safety seminar to be organised in Somerset

• Website receives 10 enquiries a week
• New contributors and advertisers for ‘Steaming’
• Professional proof reading to be purchased for ‘Steaming’
• Copy for ‘Steaming’ to be received by 10th of the respective month

• No new volunteers to operate the exhibition unit
• GDSF marquee. New engines to be displayed and invitation to host RLS and RRA

• Alterations to the Police Reform & Social Act may affect licencing arrangements at rallies
• Improved insurance plus additional cover for accessories, spare parts, car trailers, low loaders, etc.
• It was agreed that in future reports should be circulated prior to the meeting

03 Apr 2012