The National Traction Engine Trust

Report of the General Council Meeting held on 13th October 2013

The report is based on the draft minutes. Present were the Chairman and 24 council members and officers. There were six apologies for absence.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and reported he had attended a Footman James Insurance conference.

John Durling has resigned as SAC Chairman and Administrator of the Voluntary Certificate of Competence scheme. The council expressed thanks to John for all the valuable work he has done for the Trust over many years.
Elaine Massey former SAC vice-chair was confirmed as SAC Chairman.

Road Run
Entry forms are now available.

AGM Details
• Arrangements for the weekend will appear in ‘Steaming’.
• The Sussex Steam Engine Club has asked to have a stand at the meeting. This was agreed.
• The motion was discussed at length and a vote showed 17 in support with 3 abstentions and 1 against.

Three people are to be contacted with a view to them becoming patrons.

Richard Hurley’s Proposals
• Richard made it clear his proposals provide options for the administration of the Trust.
• Concern was expressed the proposals are not self-funding.
• It was suggested that the proposals would require tenders for the outsourcing of administrative work.
• No costings are available.
• The changes will require changes to the constitution and will require legal advice.
• After a lengthy discussion it was agreed data and information be provided to enable costings to be made to further the evaluation of the proposals.

A Facebook page is to be launched with Kevin Mills as administrator.

SAC Report
• The Burrell project is well advanced with delivery of the final kit expected in February 2014.
• The Burrell project will be attending the Classic Car Show at NEC.
• Elaine Massey is to give a talk at the FBHVC AGM about the work of the SAC.
• The Burrell project is to attend the Model Engineering Exhibition at Sandown Park.
• The new editor of ‘Raising Steam’ is Jenny Lee.

EO Report
• Re-writing of the Engine Owner’s Code of Practice is on-going.
• Concern has been expressed at the driving of engines with loads at GDSF.
• There are a large number of applications for the 2014 Driving Course and some already booked for 2015.

RO Report
• Many criticisms of the format of the rally list.
• Deadline for inclusion in the 2014 rally list is 10th December 2013.

The council voted against proposed increases in advertising charges.

Exhibition Unit
It was agreed the unit should be painted and refurbished for the 2014 season.

The theme for the marquee at the 2014 GDSF will be 60 years of the Trust.

Heritage Steam Conference
The date has now been postponed to spring 2015.

26 Oct 2013