The National Traction Engine Trust

Report of the General Council Meeting 14th October 2012

The report is based on the draft minutes of the meeting. Present were the chairman and 18 council members.

Treasurer’s Report
• Projected deficit to the end of June 2012 was £2164.
• Total membership (1.10.12) 2329.

Bursary Applications
• Dates for applications to be 31st July to fit in with college courses which start in September.
• A sub-committee will administer and delegate funds.

• Outstanding items will be dealt with at the December meeting.

Membership Working Party. The group met in June and discussed the following:
• Apprentices.
•  Rates for coal supplies.
•  Affiliated clubs.
•  Authorised rallies.
•  Free codes of practice.
•  Life, advanced and family memberships.
• Medical discounts
• Training discounts e.g. HGV.
• Discounts for tools.
• An under 30’s group.
• Charities and marketing officer.
• Year book.
• Member’s engines and work in progress to feature on the website.
After discussion it was agreed to produce information leaflets on a range of topics. Further research is to be undertaken into member’s benefits as offered by schemes such as HMCA. A further meeting of the working party is expected to take place in December.

Road Run 2014
• Up to 200 engines can take part.
• A maximum budget of £14000
• Participants must be members – .
• To be a memorable event.

Slide Collection
• It was proposed the Dick Jones collection of slides should accepted.
• Arrangements for transport and storage with S E Davis.
• Possibility of cataloguing by a post graduate student to considered at a later date.
• Additional photographs and catalogues have also been offered.
• It was agreed to provide funding up to £2000 to digitise Foden drawings which have been offered on loan.

New Patron. Lord Forsyth has agreed to become a patron of the Trust.

• A nomination was received 7 days late and has been rejected. However, it was agreed to co-opt the member.
• All recent and new members are to be allocated to a section.
• A limit to the size of the General Council was discussed. Further discussion will take place at the December meeting.

SAC Report
• Burrell project launched at GDSF
• Burrell now named Lady Sylvia in recognition of Sylvia Dudley’s work in establishing the SAC.
• Framed copies of cartoon donated by Old Glory are to be auctioned at the AGM dinner.

EO Report
• Driving course made a loss of £1100
• Five driving scholarships are to be offered in 2013.
• EO Conference on 20th January 2013

TSU Report
• James Blenkinsop has resigned as Insurance Officer and a replacement is required.
• NTET Online Sales went live on 1st October 2012.
• Online subscriptions to be added to the website in the New Year.
• TSU as a body has taken on the role of the V765 Authenticating Officer..
• The AIBI reports that if a boiler inspector is not a corporate or an AIBI member then they must be a member of a pressure systems organisation.
• Progress is being made in producing an updated Purple Guide by the Events Industry Forum in producing an updated Purple Guide.
• Problems with the production of Steaming have been resolved.
• HSE will in future charge £145 per hour for work involving prohibition notices etc.

RO Report
• A successful RO Conference was held on 13th October 2012.
• In future the NTET registered office is to be printed on the reverse of the insurance disc.
• Application forms for 2013 authorisation have been sent out.
• A new updated Code of Practice will be completed in the New Year.

Commercial Section
• Planned to have a larger marquee at the 2013 GDSF to include a technical area.
• The Sales Officers will retire at the 2013 AGM and a replacement will be appointed next year.

• A request was made not to give unguarded comments on accidents to the press.
• It was agreed a hands free microphone is to be purchased.
• It was agreed an advertisement should be placed on the VS wall planner.
• It was agreed there should be a Help Wanted/Offered page added to the website.

12 Nov 2012